It is true that mango fruit should be eaten, not excessively


The Mango is abundant in the market, where the mango fair is held, where you can cook a variety of mango items, such as mango, and read this story without missing it.

Mango Fruit is the one that everyone looks forward to. There are many waiting for the fruit king to come to the market. Sweetness, sweetness, sweetness in the mouth, heaven spreads in the mouth ... This mango fruit is very good for health. But the Elders have said that the good lies behind the bad. The king of this fruit has some problem.

There are many verities in mango fruit. Alphanzo mango fruit is very expensive. The fruit contains vitamin A, B, C, E, K and has the power to cure diseases such as cancer. But not all mangoes fall into some. Generally we know about its benefits, even if you have read it. But we're going to talk about Disadvantages. Here's information on this.

1. Eating too much satisfaction immediately after mango can affect health. Eating too much mango can cause diarrhoea. Because it has a high fiber content. So too much diarrhea.

2. It contains high amounts of natural sugar. Therefore, it is not advisable for people with diabetes to consume this fruit on a limit. Experts say one should not consume more mangoes.

3. Some people are allergy if they eat mangoes. Some people have water problems in the eye, breathing problems, running nose, sneeze and abdominal pain. It is advisable to consume mangoes for a few days if these problems occur.

4. The fruit contains a chemical called Urushiol. Some people have skin problems such as itching, flaky and blisters. It is best to go to a specialist without having to neglect it.

5. Mango fruit has a high calorie content. If you eat too much, you will gain weight too. An average sized mango fruit has 150 calories. It should be consumed in small doses for those who are losing weight.

6. Sometimes indigestion problems such as mangoes appear.

Is mango fruit peeled? See it using ..

7. Powder mangoes are available in early summer in the market. But eating this type of fruit is not good for health. The fruit contains a chemical called Calcium Carbide, which is banned in most countries. This is because most problems appear to be slow.

8. In some people it causes anaphylactic shock. Vomit, Shock, and nausea. If it is not treated properly, it has to be unconscious.

9. According to some chapters it is said that the consumption of large quantities of mangoes increases body heat. The heat can also cause mouth ulcers, ulcers, sour teas, and gastric problems.

10. According to Ayurveda, mangoes should not be consumed with milk. This causes a great deal of heartache.

11. People with arthritic problems should consume less fruit. Eating too much can increase the risk of itching.


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